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Almost Summer Newsletter, November 2011

In this edition
This newsletter brings you details about our ‘nappy chats’, information on how to keep sunsmart with infants this Summer, another great giveaway and details of the latest itti bitti limited edition print nappies.

Nappy Chat
If you’d like to see & feel some cloth nappies and have your questions answered in person, or if online shopping just isn't you, why not organise a nappy chat for your antenatal group & friends? We can bring samples of our nappies, accessories and loads of information. To enquire, please email with any questions you might have, we are more than happy to help. We can also arrange for you to view our stock by appointment, many parents have found this very useful as they have been able to “play” with different samples to get a clearer idea of how they work and make a decision on what will work best for them.

Keeping Sunsmart this Summer
The Cancer Society do an amazing job raising awareness and promoting safety in the sun. As well as providing us with a great Summer Prize pack, they have also sent us some very helpful information regarding sun safety for infants. They recommend that parents keep infants out of the sun as much as possible between early October and late March, especially between 11am-­- 4pm. When this is not possible, reduce exposure of infants to UVR as follows:

• Plan the day’s activities to maximise your infant’s sun protection.
• Cover as much of the infant’s skin as possible with loose fitting clothes/wraps made from closely woven fabrics.
• Choose a broad, brimmed or bucket hat (minimum 5 cm brim) to protect infant’s face, neck and ears.
• Provide full shade for the infant’s pram, stroller or play area. The material used should cast a dark shadow. The infant will still need to be protected from scattered and reflected UVR.
• Check the infant’s clothing, hat and shade positioning frequently to ensure they continue to provide protection from the sun. Care needs to be taken when using sunscreen on babies under one year of age. It’s best to keep them out of strong sunlight. Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before going outside and reapplied every couple of hours. Stop using any sunscreen immediately if any unusual reaction is observed. For more information visit

itti bitti have released a new line of limited edition prints and we have a small number of these available in the Tutto. With Christmas just around the corner, we do have our layby option available. From left to right they are Gerry, Galaxy, Daiquiri, Wo-­-Bott and Eton.

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