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Spring Newsletter, September 2011


The daffodils and bulbs are such a welcome sight after what ended up being a pretty full-­-on Winter. So too is a bit more sunshine – making the washing and drying of cloth nappies that much easier.

Our second newsletter brings you details about our Spring sale, information on how to spring clean your washing machine and info on our lay-­-by service.


What better a way to welcome Spring than to have a wee sale! We’ve got something for everyone ­- as well as free postage on orders over $34.50

Sale runs from 19 September until 2 October

Ecobubs: Buy 1 Pocket for just $34.50 and get upgraded to a night-time pack free!

Little Weeds Hemp inserts: just $7 each or buy two for $12.

Itti bitti: Buy a tutto or d’lish 12 pack and get a free pack of rainbow wipes.

Little Lamb Super Deal - Valued at $90. We are offering this pack for only $55! It would make an ideal baby shower gift or trial pack for those interested in joining the fitted nappies revolution:

  • 1 Fitted Nappy Cover (Wrap) 
  • 2 Fitted Nappies (Bamboo/Cotton or Bamboo/Microfibre)
  • 1 roll of paper or viscose flushable liners and 
  • 1 matching wet-bag

For these specials + more, be sure to visit our SPRING SPECIALS tab on our website….but you better be quick, sale ends 2 October.


Many cloth nappy users (and many washing machine users for that matter) do not realise that, like your washing, your washing machine needs a good clean too every now and then. Even though most of the dirt in your washing machine is washed out with the rinse water, soap residue and other unidentifiable grungy objects can be left behind. This causes build-­-up inside the tub, pump and hoses which reduces the ability of your washing machine to perform properly (causing cloth nappies to remain smelly and show wear faster). Periodically cleaning your washing machine will help:

  • Run a cycle of hot water along with two cups of vinegar or lemon juice (to loosen up soap and grime). 
  • If your machine allows you to, remove the fabric softener receptacle and soak it in hot water and detergent.  
  • Clean the bleach dispenser with a spray cleaner, paper towels, and cotton buds. 
  • The rubbery rim of front loaders can harbor lots of nasties, a thorough wipe around with a cloth and detergent will see it right. 
  • Run the washer empty on a hot cycle one more time.

Your machine and your nappies will thank you for it!


As new / parents-to-be you start looking early at all of the essentials that you are going to need for your new baby and it can be quite overwhelming: the cost involved with setting up the nursery, buying the car seat, etc etc. Nappies are an expense on top of this! While considering whether or not cloth nappies are the way you want to go, is important to realise that nappies are the only piece of clothing that your baby is going to wear 24 hours a day for up to 2 ½ years!

Many first time parents are put off buying cloth nappies because of the up front cost. This is understandable because they are looking at an investment of around $600 -­- $1000 for a full time (Birth-­-to-­-Potty) set of cloth nappies. With this in mind we encourage (new) parents to start their cloth nappy stash early and when you spread the cost out over your pregnancy, reusable nappies are much more affordable than going to the supermarket each week once your baby is born. Never run out of nappies again!

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