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Winter Newsletter, July 2011


There is no doubting that Winter has well and truly set in. We have been keeping very busy here at The Cloth Nappy Company and are excited to tell you about some of our happenings in our first ever newsletter. First of all…If you are one of our Christchurch customers you may have spotted our car signage out and about.


We are no longer going to stock the Mio or FuzziBunz brands as we have found some local suppliers who we will be using from now on. There are still some of these clearance items on our website under the specials tab.

We are delighted to announce that we are proud stockists of Ecobubs – The Wool Pocket Nappy. We just adore the Merino wool stripes – they are gorgeous and the double layered inserts make these an awesome night time nappy…in fact, we’ve taken such a shining to these inserts they have found their way into a couple of our little ones other pocket nappies!

We have also proudly welcomed Little Lamb to The Cloth Nappy Company. For quality and value, these nappies are a fantastic option. We are also now stocking a range of the Little Lamb accessories including flushable liners and wetbags, also excellent value.

It seems that itti bitti fans love the full range of itti bitti products…after initially focusing on the Tutto only, we are now supplying any of the itti bitti range with 2 week delivery. Just email us the style and colour you would like and we will order it in just for you!


We have had a couple of suggestions that we could make some kind of gift packs for a new Mum. We are looking into a few different options and hope to have a new page updated on our website soon. Watch this space!


We have just placed our first order with Rockin’ Green! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and our website for more info. Developed especially for washing cloth nappies, fragrances Include: *Smashing Watermelons * Earth, Wind and Orchid * Rage against the Raspberry * Lavender Mint Revival


You certainly know you’re a cloth nappy user when the weather forecast is for sun and your first thought is nappies! There is something so satisfying about seeing all your cloth nappies folded and clean…but Winter months can make this a bit more of a challenge. Here are some tips that may help you survive the colder months:

  • Get the Dehumidifier running. Drying washing inside means increased moisture in the air, if you don’t have one be sure to let some fresh air in each morning, and keep your window’s dry on the inside.
  • Get your nappies ‘some of most of the way there’ before using the dryer. Airing your nappies for even a couple of hours before using the dryer may help reduce your drying time – and your power bill.
  • If your nappies are almost there and you don’t have/wish to use the dryer, try the hot water cylinder cupboard – I have hung a string across mine and can finish them off in there.
  • Heated towel rail, I sometimes lay a thin sheet along the bottom row of the heated towel rail then pop my inserts overtop and leave them overnight.
  • Make the most of ANY sunshine – especially if your nappies have a few stains – even if the sunshine isn’t hot enough to dry your nappies, a clear day will still offer the benefits of sun bleaching and fresh airing before you turn to the dryer.

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