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Baby Behinds - BBH XL Hanging Wetbag
Print:Tic Tac Toe,Fabric:Minkee
Price $38.00

This extra large hanging wet bag is a very versatile accessory for around the home. With adjustable snap-in straps, it can be hung securely from a change table, door or anywhere really! It makes a great alternative to using a nappy bucket, allowing good circulation and keeping it off the floor out of inquisitive babies way! Available in our custom, limited edition prints this is a must havewet bag for your house or laundry! 


Features includes:

  • Soft polyester outer fabric lined with hidden PUL (waterproof) layer, to keep wetness & smells away!
  • Adjustable, snap in handles so you can switch between 1 or 2 handles depending on where you are securing the bag
  • High quality, PVC & Lead free zip closures
  • Made from two layers of polyester knit fabric with a waterproof layer sandwiched between them.
  • Hold up to 24 wet nappies.
  • Dimensions 52cm x 74cm
  • Fully machine washable, simply wash with your nappies!

 Features & Useful Info


  • Hang this in your nursery, bathroom and laundry or at your change station!
  • Keep one upstairs, one downstairs for easy management of soiled nappies
  • Also makes a great ‘dirty washing’ bag for your kids when they are out of nappies!

 Tips & Tricks

  • To empty contents into machine, open the zip and tip nappies directly into the machine without touching them!