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World Famous in NZ Trial Pack
Trial Pack:Any 3 nappies from our range ,Colours/Sizes:Email your preferred choices
Price $99.00
Trial Pack

With so many brands, so many options and so much differing advice from well meaning friends it can be hard to decide on which cloth nappies will be right for your family

While some people will swear by one brand, others will say a nappy didn't work so well for them. This is because all babies are different.

That is why we often get asked 'what is the best nappy' and our advice is never the same... it all depends on your baby.

Our World Famous in NZ trial pack gives you a chance to put together a customised trial pack that will allow you to experience three different nappies. Then you can decide with confidence which system will work best for you.

Trial pack consists of:

  • Three nappies of your choice from our entire range.
  • 10 free disposable liners
  • A free wetbag for storing your new nappies
  • A $5 (or 10% off for an order over $50) voucher for your next purchase 

Terms and Conditions

When you add the trial pack to your cart, you will need to 'proceed to checkout' to complete your order and payment. Once your order has been placed please email info@theclothnappy.co.nz to let us know which three nappies you would like and your preferred colour choices.

One Trial Pack per household. Each pack must contain three DIFFERENT nappy systems. ie it is fine if you want to try three different styles from the same brand, but not three of the same nappy. This is a trial system, designed to offer value for money for those who are new to the world of cloth nappies and are trying to make an informed decision.

Select any three nappies from our quality range, listed below. Please note if your preferred colour or print is not currently in stock we may ask you to make another selection.

Baby Beehinds Night Nappy (excludes cover)

Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted Nappy (excludes cover)

Baby Beehinds Magic-Alls Multi Fit PUL (pocket nappy with bamboo inserts)

Bubblebubs Candies All in two/Snap in (includes one shell and one booster set)

Close Parent Pop in nappy (with your choice of bamboo or minkee soaker and booster set)

GroVia Hybrid Shell (includes your choice of ONE organic cotton or no-prep(microfibre) soaker)

GroVia All in One (absorbency is  included in the All-In-One design plus a snap in booster comes with the nappy)

GroVia O.N.E. Nappy (absorbency is included in the All in One design)

Miosolo AIO  (absorbency is included in the all in one design)

Rarpz Minky Nappy  (pocket nappy with bamboo soaker)

Rarpz PUL Nappy (pocket nappy with bamboo soaker)

TotsBots Bamboozle (excludes cover)

TotsBots Easyfit Star (absorbency is included in the All-In-One design)

If you are also interested in trialing the Real Nappies prefold and cover system - either as one of your three choices or as an extra on top please get in contact to let us know. We can work out the best way to incorporate this into your customised trial pack, in order to give you the best value. 

Please note If you need to purchase a waterproof cover to go with a fitted nappy this can either be purchased separately or can be included as one of your three choices.

If you have ANY questions, we are more than happy to help. Please just email info@theclothnappy.co.nz.