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Disposable Liners - by Real Nappies
Size:28x20cm ,Number of rolls:1 roll
Price $9.99
Number of rolls

Using Cloth Nappies is easy and mess free with the Real Nappies ingeo liner. Simply tear off a sheet, lay on top of your nappy / nappy insert then fasten the cover and you're set!

Once the Real Nappies ingeo liner has been soiled, simply flush down the toilet or toss in the rubbish.

The Real Nappies ingeo liner is soft and gentle on the skin while remaining environmentally friendly. It’s unique weave promoted the absorption of liquids while effectively capturing solids, making nappy changing less messy and much easier for Mum or Dad.

Standardising sizing means the ingeo liners can be used with other cloth or disposable nappy brands with each sheet measuring aprox 11” by 7 7/8” (28x20cm). The Real Nappies single pack contains one roll of 100 sheets.

What is Ingeo?

The Fiber and the Brand
Ingeo™ fiber is the world's first and only man-made fiber based on NatureWorks® PLA and coming from 100 percent annually renewable resources such as maize, not oil. Ingeo represents an innovation for both responsible business practices as well as polymer science. It is a catalyst for innovation and creativity offering a more sustainable choice for all textiles in the future.

Reduced Environmental Impact
Ingeo fiber leads the way toward producing a wide range of materials from renewable resources, to meet the world's needs today without compromising the earth's ability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

  • It uses an annually renewable resource, field corn, instead of petroleum, to make synthetic materials.
  • NatureWorks PLA is the world's first greenhouse-gas-neutral polymer.*
  • Products made with Ingeo fiber are compostable
  • From cradle to resin, production of Ingeo fiber uses 68 percent less fossil fuel resources than resins for traditional synthetic fibers.

We recommend that you DO NOT fold your liners. If they are too large simply cut them in half or tuck them into your nappy (once nappy is on your baby, tuck the sides in).