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Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack
Price $599.00

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The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack takes the guesswork out of cloth nappies and contains all of the supplies you'll ever need to nappy your child.

The Real Nappies prefold system features a 100% Indian cotton nappy and a waterproof PUL cover that fastens with velcro aplix enclosure at the waist. Stretchy elastic around the legs ensures the nappy stays snug on your child and won't cause redness or rashing.

The Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack is the most economical and efficient way to buy all of the prefolds and covers you need to cloth nappy your child and comes with a detailed instruction as to how it is used.

Each pack contains:

  • 24 x cloth nappy inserts, Newborn
  • 24 x cloth nappy inserts, Infant
  • 18 x cloth nappy inserts, Crawler
  • 12 x cloth nappy inserts, Toddler
  • 6 x Snug Wraps, Newborn
  • 6 x Snug Wraps, Infant
  • 6 x Snug Wraps, Crawler
  • 5 x Snug Wraps, Toddler
  • 8 packs of 100 Bioliner Nappy Liners
  • 2 x Nappy Fresh Sanitizer
  • 2 x Night Time Booster Pads
  • 1 x Potty Training Pants
  • 1 x waterproof nappy bag
  • 1 x helpful User Guide