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Baby Beehinds - BBH Training Pants
Price $28.00

 Designed to look & feel like real undies, but able to hold those little accidents, keep clothes dry AND the ability to add two levels of extra absorbency as your little one improves their toilet skills! Easy for toddlers to pull up themselves and grow confidence with toilet training! Great for car trips, nights or when you know you need a little extra time to find a toilet!

Features Include: 

  • Super soft, natural ORGANIC cotton jersey inside & outside to help your little one feel the ‘wetness’ & develop their toilet training skills bit by bit
  • Hidden TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanewaterproof layer to keep clothes dry!
  • GOTS Certified & OCS 100 Certified Organic Cotton
  • 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton terry inserts for superior absorbency, antibacterial & anti-fungal qualities.
  • 2 layers of Hemp/Organic Cotton Terry sewn into the pocket PLUS additional separate booster with 3 layers of hemp/cotton terry
  • Change your boosting layers as toilet skills improve
  • Soft & snug waist & leg elastics to keep accidents contained!
  • Double pocket openings for easy booster insertion
  • Ability to increase absorbency even further with our snap in Day/Night Booster to give you an additional 9 layers absorbency + a stay dry suede cloth layer (only available for purchase separately)
  • Size Guide – The dimensions below are the minimum & maximum stretch in leg & waist elastics. We recommend using this size guide and check the measurements on your little one for accurate sizing. 



    Waist (approx.)

    Legs (cm)

    RISE (cm)

    KG range


    40 – 48cm





    43 – 52 cm



    14kg – 18kg


    47 – 56 cm



    18 – 24kg


    50 – 59 cm



    24kg +




    • Ensure the pant & insert are pre washed prior to using. Will reach best absorbency after 8 + washes.
    • Easiest way to insert the single insert is to turn the pant inside out & feed the insert through the back opening, the pull through the front. Pull the crotch gently sideways so the insert is laying flat inside
    • Insert can be laid inside the pocket, or sit on top
    • Fold the insert in half for boys, and lay inside the front pocket for double boosting in the wet zone.
    • Spice up your pull ups with some customized Sharpie drawings of love hearts, stars or letters!