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Baby Beehinds - BBH PUL Cover
Colour:Ruby Red,Size:Medium
Price $16.00

 Voted Australia's Best Nappy Cover - these very popular nappy covers are soft, stretchy & super cute! ... These are a very versatile cover for use over any nappy (disposable or cloth) 

They are great for over Fitted Nappies, pre folds or terry squares OR to keep those messy explosions in disposable nappies contained! They also make a great option for extra coverage at night time. 

The PUL technology allows these waterproof layers to be breathable yet waterproof so your baby will be kept cool & dry! 

They are soft & stretchy, with generous sizing so baby gets as much wear as possible from each particular size. Available in newborn, Small, Med & Large sizes to get the perfect fit. 

They are made from 2 layers of polyester knit with a breathable, waterproof coating sandwiched in-between. This allows moisture from within the nappy to 'evaporate' through the tiny holes in the fabric, helping to keep baby cooler and drier than when compared to the traditional 'el cheapo' plastic pants of old.
Features and useful info:
  • Sized- Newborn, Small, Medium and Large- to enable the best fit over the nappy.
  • 100% polyester, coloured with safe, non-harmful dyes that are OEKO-Tex certified. 
  • Superior High-Tech Velcro means no rub marks on baby's tummy, longer lasting grip and no curling of the tabs- to keep them looking nicer, longer
  • Fully machine washable and suitable for the tumble dryer
  • Bound in soft elastic to provide a snug fit with no gapes
  • Generously sized

 We've always used the PUL covers with great success over our fitted nappies! The key to ensuring a leak free performance is to make sure the fit of the cover is perfect (no gapes around the legs or tummy) and to ensure the nappy gets changed before it becomes too wet. They have lasted us through two babies so we are really happy with them" C. Clews. 

"We started using these covers over our sposies at night time, as we found bub was waking up with wet bedding every morning! These covers keep any wetness contained, so less washing for me! I also found as she got bigger that if we added one of the bamboo inserts on the outside of her sposie, that absorbed any extra wetness too and they are so easy to wash" Emily S. 

"We love our Baby BeeHinds covers! They are a little addictive with so many colours & the prints to choose from, but we mix & match depending on what Amelia is wearing for the day. Nothing cuter than a gorgeous colourful bum running around in summer!" Alicia S.