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TotsBots Bamboozles Nappies
Size:Size 1: Newborn, 2.5kg - 9 kgs,Colour:Natural
Price $29.99

Bamboozles - Soft, Silky, Antibacterial And Perfect For Sensitive Baby Skin.

This nappy provides the ultimate in comfort and fit for your baby. Because there is only natural bamboo fabric next to baby’s bottom this nappy is ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

Bamboozles provide

  • Nice and Natural, soft silky bamboo against baby's sensitive skin
  • Best performance with our seperate 'Stay Dry Outer'
  • Super Absorbent -Tests have shown bamboo fibre to be over 60% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Excellent comfort, bamboo quickly absorbs moisture away from baby's bottom
  • Easy Grip Tab's - Dad's love our Nappies!

This nappy comes in two sizes:
Size 1: Fits from 2.5kg - 9kgs
Size 2: Fits from 5kg - 18kgs

Seperate waterproof outer required (purchased seprately).

Though not nearly as well known as cotton cloth diapers, if you are in the market for cloth diapers, you might want to consider bamboo diapers. Unlike cotton, bamboo requires no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to grow. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows very quickly.

Bamboo diapers are cool, comfortable and breathable for your baby's skin. Bamboo diapers have better moisture absorption than cotton diapers and bamboo has some natural antibacterial properties. Like a cotton cloth diaper, you will still require an outer cover for a bamboo diaper.