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Mid Autumn Newsletter, May&June 2012

The Secret is out...
Mum’s Secret that is… At last we have found it. A nappy cream safe to use on cloth nappies.

Nappy Change Cream – Apply at the first sign of redness in the nappy area. May be applied after nappy changes to help protect against the effects of wetness and prevent redness. Provides a light, protective barrier and is suitable for use with modern cloth nappies. Contains antibacterial properties.

Mum’s Secret also works a soothing barrier cream – Ideal as a moisturiser to keep skin of all ages supple and reduce flaking. Replaces vital moisture after bathing which may strip the skin of natural oils. Protects young cheeks from cold or dry winds and from irritation caused by saliva (dribble rash). Available now on our website to add to your next order.

Close Parent
We are thrilled to be new stockists of the Close Parent Range including Pop In nappies (available in brights pallette or in special edition prints), matching bibs, out and about wetbags, change mats and more. View the full range now on our website.

Splish Splash!
So the weather might not exactly bring swimming to mind, but a trip to the pools on a wet and miserable day is a fantastic way to tire out house-bound littlies full of energy! We have extended our range of swim nappies to now include Real Nappies, Bambino Mio and Tots Bots. Buy now for indoor Winter swimming or stock up for next Summer.

$3 off all swim nappies until June 15, 2012*.
(*$3 reimbursed as soon as order has been completed)

What’s Hot with TotsBots?
The Totsbots Bamboozle fitted nappy is now available in Neutral, Cherub (Blue), Muckypup (Brown), Sweetpea (Green), Poppet (Red), Pumpkin (Orange) and Sugarplum (Purple). You can team them up with the new flexi wrap, also available in the same colours. In addition, Totsbots have 5 new prints for their nappy covers, Chicken Licken, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Enormous Turnip and Three Little pigs.

Bambino Mio is Back!
That’s right! Whilst we were temporarily out of the Mio range, we had so many people trying to hunt them down. A new supplier in New Zealand has meant we are able to offer these products to you once again. These thin yet strong Mio liners make messy nappies a breeze – simply flush them down the toilet (unless you have particularly old or narrow pipes). Also added to the Mio range are flushable wipes – imagine that, a complete nappy change with nothing to throw in the rubbish! Check out their great value prefold packs too – we think their new covers are super cute.

Cloth Nappying Multiples…
We've had a couple of enquiries regarding the use of cloth when expecting twins. We are both mums but we don’t have twins or triplets, so we thought we’d ask our Facebook fans for some input. Some wonderful mums responded, sharing with us their experience! Please visit our FAQ section ‘Cloth nappying twins & triplets’ if you’re expecting twins or triplets or refer someone you know.

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