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How Long Will My Nappies Last?


We couldn't put this better ourselves and so have included our answer as written by the good sorts at Close Parent Down Under. The original article can be found on the following website: 


We get asked this question a lot. The answer isn't straight forward. 

Truth is, no other article of clothing is saturated with urine/pooed in and then washed, dried and placed back on the change table for another round, day in and day out. Imagine wearing and washing the same t-shirt every other day for 2.5+ years.It would be pretty awesome if it was still in good enough condition to pass on to someone else! 




Sure, I have nappies that have lasted for 3 children. Some only did the 1 child. I've also had a lot of nappies in rotation and none of my kids have highly acidic urine. How long your nappies last depends on a number of factors, and we’re going to tell it like it is.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your cloth investment.

  1. Do you tumble dry your boosters? While highly convenient, especially during the winter months, tumble drying can lead to the deterioration of your fabrics. Not only can tumble drying kill your elastic and waterproofing over time, it also accelerates the thinning of your absorbent fabrics. To lessen the time required to tumble dry during the colder months, consider investing in a set of wool dryer balls. Or better yet, dry them on a rack by the heater. ...

  2. Do you live in an area that has hard water? Hard water has lots of mineral deposits and can make it hard to get your laundry clean. This can lead to a build-up of detergent and urine, which will increase the need for robust strip washing. Click Here to find out what you can do if you think hard water is affecting your wash routine. ...

  3. It is important to ensure that your washing machine is using enough water to thoroughly rinse the urine and detergent from your nappies. Front load washing machines are an environmentally friendly alternative to the water guzzling top loaders, but sometimes they don't put out enough water to thoroughly rinse. To avoid this problem, set your water level to the highest setting and put a few less nappies in the load. ...

  4. How many nappies do you have in rotation? This is a huge consideration. If you cloth full time and have less than 20 on the go, don’t expect them to last for a second child. Sure, they might last another child, but the chances are pretty high you’ll need to replace at least some. The fewer nappies you have, the harder these few are going to have to work.

  5.  Acidic urine can be very damaging to nappies (particularly natural fibres, such as bamboo) and it is highly recommended that nappies that are subjected to strong urine be hand-rinsed prior to dry pailing to avoid fabric deterioration. For best results, hand rinse all nappies before dry pailing and wash every day. If it's really bad, you might need to consider adding a few synthetic fibre nappies (such as the minkee Pop-In) to your stash. Synthetic materials are not affected as significantly as natural fibres.

  6. An All in Two style nappy (such as the Pop-In)** is great if you want to stretch them to more than one child, as you can replace components as necessary. 

  7. Don’t purchase nappies from a seller who doesn’t have their warranty/returns policy clearly outlined and easily accessible on their website. The best way to ensure your nappies won’t last the distance is to buy from a business that doesn’t repair or replace faulty parts under warranty. If they don’t have a returns policy in plain view, chances are they don’t have one.  © Oz Baby Trends 2012 


For further information about The Cloth Nappy Company returns policy,  please Click Here.

Remember: Reusable doesn’t mean indestructible.

Your nappy will be washed 450 times at least!* If you get more than one baby out of the nappy, that’s completely awesome. Even if you do have to purchase a whole new stash for a subsequent child, you will still be saving money after just 20 weeks of use. And even if cloth did cost just as much as disposables (you’d have to buy a brand new stash every 6 months for that to happen…), you’d still be giving your baby and the planet the better option.

*Washing every second day, over two and a half years.

** Note from The Cloth Nappy Comany: For any system that consists of more than one size, nappies are expected to last for longer as they are worn for only a certain time (while your wee bub is at a certain weight).